About Us

Welcome to A/C Care Heat and Air (accareheatandair.com) and my About Us page where I can tell you about me and what this site is about.

Essentially, this site is all about heating, ventillation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) and the company which this site bears its name that serves the local area of Knoxville TN.

The company has been in business for over 23 years and has received no complaints. We stand behind every job. Brand new units through us have a 10 warranty with registration via the Internet.

Moving On

However, time doesn't stand still and businesses move on. The site's domain was allowed to expire and a new owner has taken the reins.

Rather than allow the core model to be lost, I have chosen to continue the site in many ways as it was. That is as an HVAC/R information portal including product reviews, recommendations and helpful articles that explain how much of the heating, cooling and refrigeration business and its associated appliances and equipment works.

While the physical buiness may no longer be available, the theme of the site remains the same. Be sure to take some time to browse through the new, revamped website and discover some things you may not know about this business and how the metal (and often plastic) boxes of internal climate maintenance work.

Thanks for visiting!