Air Purifiers

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your home or workplace because the air has an odd smell or feels dusty?

Air purifiers are designed to clean the air indoors, even if it has become saturated with airborne allergens such as pollen or mold spores, for example.

An air purifier can make a great addition to your home or workplace. It will draws in air and filter it to remove contaminants and then release the cleaned air back into your room.

air purifierTo prevent irritation and sickness, air purifiers can be used for allergies.

Keep reading to find out more about the many benefits of air purifiers currently on the market.

Air Safety Concerns

Air purifiers make your home cleaner, safer, and more comfortable to breathe.

Air purifiers for homes, also called air cleaners or clean air machines, are able to remove pollen, dust, odors, pet hair, and pollen from the air. There are many types of air purifiers, each with different technologies.

They are designed to filter air in one room and not throughout the home.

Types of Air Purifiers

Activated charcoal and activated carbon air purifiers are made by a chemical reaction which causes odor-causing particles stick to the filter surface.

These filters need to be replaced regularly and can help maintain a clean air environment. However, they are less effective in removing viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air.

HEPA Filter Models

HEPA air purifiers can remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.

The filter must meet minimum filtration requirements set forth by the US Department of Energy to be labeled HEPA (high efficiency particulate air). This is the best choice if you are looking for an air purifier that removes dust.

Removes Pollutants

A HEPA filter is a type of filter that removes up to 99% of pollutants from the air. This makes it the ideal solution for indoor air quality problems.

The HEPA filter is specifically designed for people suffering from allergies. It targets common germs in the air to eliminate them and prevent sickness.

It won't be difficult to know the current air quality of your home at any time. HEPA air purifiers, which are specifically designed to eliminate allergens like dust particles in the home, are a great option if you have allergies or someone in your household.

UV Enabled Models

Ultraviolet (UV), air purifiers use ultraviolet-C (UV-C), light to kill harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold.

This technology is used to kill germs in hospitals. Some UV filters can be installed in the central air duct of a house.

Sometimes, UV filters need to be replaced in order to keep their effectiveness. Check out our buying guide to learn more about the different types of air purifiers.

Stainless Steel Filters

Air purifiers can have a frustrating problem: they need to be replaced all the time.

This can lead to expensive and complicated problems. Some air purifiers have permanent stainless steel filters which are easy to clean and do not need to be changed.

Portable Models

Portable, small-sized desktop air purifiers can help solve air pollution problems. They are portable and compact enough to fit in any space.

How to Use an Air Purifier

After you have chosen the right purifier for you, it is time to locate it in your home or in the place where you work.

Place your air purifier in the most used room of your house, such as the living room or bedroom, to get the best results. Are you unsure which size air purifier to purchase?

To shop for an air purifier that is based on your room size, use our suggested room size filter. To get the best results, make sure to run your air purifier on a continuous basis.


Since almost all homes and commercial premises suffer from varying levels of air quality, it is a sensible move to have an air filtration device running indoors.

This provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind that indoor air you are all breathing is considerably cleaner and pollutant-free than it would be without an air cleaning appliance.

Air filters do their job quietly and generally sit there unnoticed, while maintaining a cleaner, allergen- and pollutant-free atmosphere indoors. If you don't already own one, now might be a great time to change that!