How Air Conditioner's Auto Evaporation Works

People often turn to air conditioning during summer heat for cooling nut many do not know that there are self-evaporating portable AC units available to buy in stores or online.

The size and price of these units can vary. Some air conditioners circulate cool air throughout a home. The window air-conditioners are another type that cool the area in which it is installed.

Portable air conditioners offer another option for cooling, with the possibility of an auto evaporation function.

Portable Air-Conditioner Features

The portable AC conditioner can be described as a small space heater. These air conditioners operate in the exact same way as larger window models.

The air conditioner will cool the hot air in its surroundings. The machine's components work to remove humidity and moisture from the air. They then cool the air for release. Hot air is expelled through a vent that is typically located near a windowsill.

Auto Evaporation

Self-evaporation may also be known as auto evaporation. This feature makes it possible to recycle any residual moisture in the air without the use of a bucket and drainage hose.

Moisture from the air travels across the internal coils of an air conditioner to cool them. Any moisture that remains in the air conditioner's exhaust is vented out to evaporation.

A fully self-evaporating portable cooling conditioner is a great option if you don’t want to empty the cooling unit’s water tray.

These units don't require regular draining. They are equipped with an inbuilt condensation exhaust, which removes moisture from the cooling/dehumidification process. This water vapor is combined with hot exhaust and released outside via a flexible hose.

There are many advantages to using a self-evaporating portable conditioner. We will be discussing these in the next section. But before you pick the perfect unit, you must take into account a few important factors.

How Self-Evaporating Air Conditioners Work

The self-evaporating portable AC conditioner works in a completely different manner to other air conditioners. They condense the extra moisture in the air during refrigeration and then cycle the cooling system to improve cooling efficiency.

After this is completed, the unit reevaporates or expels the moisture into its hot water exhaust vent. The heat disperses any moisture remaining outside the air with hot hot air.

This means that you don't have to drain the contents of the container as most of the moisture from the cooling process has been evaporated. These air conditioners are also energy-efficient.

Do you need a portable, fully-evaporative air conditioner?

Your personal preferences will determine the answer. If you are constantly having to empty your AC unit's water-catcher container, and it drives you insane, then you might consider purchasing a fully-evaporative portable AC conditioner.

This type air conditioner will help you keep cool and comfortable during summer. Self evaporative portable air conditioners don't require draining the hoses of the AC unit or emptying the water-catching container.

It is a very cool type of air conditioning unit which will efficiently rehydrate all the moisture from the air. Expel it out through the venthose.


Air conditioners are more than just a way to blow cool air into rooms. They also pump moisture out of rooms and into the conditioning unit.

The problem is that the moisture must move somewhere. The added benefit of self-evaporating conditioners is that they can automatically remove moisture without you having to do anything.

The advantage to using a portable, self-evaporating air conditioning unit is that you don't have to empty the water tank as often with traditional air conditioners.

Self-evaporating ACs also known as "no drop units", because water doesn’t drip back from their rear.

This happens because the AC units recycle half of the condensed moisture. The water is used to cool the inner cooling coils.

The auto evaporation feature helps increase the air conditioner's efficiency.

Air conditioners use less energy because the coils are mainly cooled down by the recycled humidity. Because of the additional cooling provided by the moisture, a room will cool down faster.


Auto evaporation functions can be hindered by extreme humidity. If humidity is high, the conditioner cannot evaporate all of the air's moisture.

This means that the water tank inside the air-conditioner can store excess moisture until the auto evaporation feature stops working.

The machine will be shut down by the air conditioner's sensors once it reaches its maximum capacity. This water tank must be empty in order for the portable conditioner to work again.


For cooling different rooms, portable air conditioners are available in various sizes. Coil assemblies for larger portable air conditioners will be bigger.

Air conditioners are able to collect more air moisture that portable models.

Consumer Search claims that portable air conditioners can't cool a room as effectively as comparable window units. If you have a small space to cool, a larger portable conditioner will work better.


Verify that the portable air conditioner you are considering purchasing has an auto-evaporation function as well as a storage tank.

Many units lack this feature or have a backup tank to deal with high humidity. Each manufacturer creates a unique air-conditioning model, so it is crucial that you verify all information before making a purchase.

Check that the portable air conditioner you purchase has an automatic evaporation feature.