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Welcome to A/C Care Heat and Air, the top Knoxville Commercial and Residential Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration company that's here to look after you and your HVAC equipment!

Knoxville Heating and Air is the prime choice for heating and air conditioning maintenance. We provide heating and air maintenance to Knoxville, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Lenior City, Seymour and other surrounding areas in East Tennessee.
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The professional HVAC contractors at A/C Care Heat and Air are here to provide you with quality service and precise workmanship.

We have more than 23 years of experience in the field, and we work on each job with an attention to detail that you'd come to expect from professionals.

a/c care heat and air knoxville tnOur contractors can handle an array of projects, including:

Air Conditioning Installation; Air Conditioning Repair; Air Conditioning Service; Commercial HVAC Installation; Commercial HVAC Service; Commercial Heating System Service; Commercial Heating System Service; Commercial Plumbing HVAC Service; Heating System Installation; Heating System Repair; Heating System Service; Walk-In Coolers and Freezers; Reach-In Coolers and Freezers; HVAC Service; Prep-Line Coolers and Freezers Repair and Maintenance.

Locally Owned

At our locally owned and operated business, we take pride in being honest and dependable, and our staff provides written estimates on each project. In addition, you’ll receive punctual service from us, and we’ll endeavor to get your HVAC equipment repair job completed in a speedy manner.

Let A/C Care Heat and Air be your Knoxville HVAC service company of choice. Our Knoxville, TN, HVAC contractors are fully prepared to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly, and we aim to give you a hassle-free experience.

Please give us a call today to request service.

Air Conditioning

When the heat of summer comes around each year, we can either suffer in the heat and try to get by with a rusty old fan in the corner of the room blowing hot air in our faces, or we can hit back with an air conditioning system that will keep us nice and cool indoors.

Whether your cooling system is central air, zone ductless mini split units, window or portable air conditioners, keeping everything running smoothly and reliably comes down to regular maintenance and servicing.

Keep economy in mind by good A/C management as you'll find at AirConergy LLC. Try to save energy wherever possible, like managing your thermostat correctly and maintaining your home in good order.

Look after your cooling equipment and it will look after you during those hot day of summer when you need it most!


During the colder winter months, a reliable and efficient heating system is vital to keep the cold at bay and provide your home with a welcoming level of climate comfort.

Make sure you have all your heating equipment regularly serviced so that's it's ready and working when you need to turn it on.


It may not seem like such a big deal, but storing your food to keep it fresh and ready for you whenever you want it is the job of your refrigerator and it needs to be working as efficiently and economically as it can.

Sure, modern fridges don't last forever and in fact many start to deteriorate after only 5-10 years. When that happens, they start using more and more electricity to keep their insides (and the food in it) cold because of reduced efficiency of an older compressor or rusting of cooling coils and radiating panels.

When it comes time to replace your aging refrigerator, you naturally want the best model you can afford and buy it from a store that provides not just a great sales service but also a top class after-sales service for maintenance and repair if necessary.

That might not sound like a priority when there are plenty of cheap, ″sell-everything″ stores where you can buy stuff from and get free delivery. But with many of these cheap stores, items can get damaged during delivery or faulty goods can turn up and that's when you discover the sore you bought it from won't help you much with returns or refunds.

Always choose a reliable, well recommended electrical appliance store to buy your refrigerator from that have a no quibble policy for returning damaged or faulty products and making the process as easy and smooth as possible.

Air Quality

The air that you're breathing inside your home may seem clean enough to you. But there may be a lot of unseen and undetected pollutants floating around in that air and you normally won't notice them unless you smell a bad odor.

Modern households are awash with fumes from chemical cleaning products, chemicals in soft furnishings that get into the air. In addition to these are normal household dust, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, smoke and other noxious vapors.

Unseen is not necessarily unaffected when it comes to our delicate respiratory systems (our lungs, nasal passages etc). Many allergies and breathing problems are directly caused by the airborne pollutants in our homes' atmosphere.

However, you don't have to suffer the consequences of all this indoor airborne pollution. You can clean the air up to a high level or cleanliness with modern air purifiers (or whole-house air purification systems). Follow the links below to find out more about this and where you can buy the best air purifiers to keep the air in your home clean and healthy for you and your family.